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‘The happiest day of the year’

After much delay I’ve now uploaded a collaboration from a few months ago, which was the documentation of Sam Kastin’s A Play for the Garage. We discussed the filming of the play beforehand and were in agreement that it should attempt … Continue reading

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So I’ve been slogging away for a while now on a new film, using my freshly telecined rushes. I have to say it’s starting to grate a bit, but hopefully it will surface soon. Sound is proving the most perplexing, … Continue reading

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‘I am what I am. You couldn’t teach me integrity’

It has been a long time since I sat down to write about Tarkovsky’s epic Andrei Rublev and even longer still since I actually watched the film, however I still remember clearly it was with a sense of trepidation that I approached it – … Continue reading

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Ancestral blood

The hunters and gatherers cling to the hillside, exposed to the raging void of history. This was split into two and given as cards to my brother and dad. Still working on getting the colour reproduction right when cleaning scanned … Continue reading

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Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival

ELEMENTALS: PRESENCE A lone being struggles through forest, bog, and heath; exploring a catalogue of sensory experiences. Later, on a far off shore a figure strides beneath towering industry; tends crops, gathers materials, drifts on. A shrouded cataclysm lies at … Continue reading

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Negative fragments

I finally got around to digitising my first batches of home processed 16mm film. Here I’ve gathered together a few glimpses of these rough reels

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Jangle of bells in the bruised sky

A celebration of the cosmos. An ode to the divine light. The peyote dreams of  worlds filled with gaudy colours, silks, and dancing. This was penned as an engagement present for dear friends.  Dream on. Peal on. Vibrations: Isolated from … Continue reading

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‘Beyond the realms of ancient light’

The cosmonaut arrives… My style has been developing quite a lot of late, with a move towards more spacial pieces, and attempting to bring together tried and tested techniques into a more satisfying whole. Trance states abound. You can check … Continue reading

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Space is the place

In the progress of exorcising two rather exciting new illustrations…well they excite me anyway. I’m finding working on A5 incredibly liberating…not that I’m working to a much larger scale…but it allows the images more space to breath and form a … Continue reading

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Vortex winds

New work, using the ink smear technique I used way back in “Occult Bodyscape i”. This was essentially a way to try and replicate the effect of the film decay pieces. This one is an upgrade of sorts, using inks … Continue reading

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