So I’ve been slogging away for a while now on a new film, using my freshly telecined rushes. I have to say it’s starting to grate a bit, but hopefully it will surface soon. Sound is proving the most perplexing, which unfortunately means that there is no chance of it magically crystallising¬†into the form of a finished film..just yet. I think I may have exhausted my library of sounds and so will have to embark on a field trip to gather some more suitable ones. The key here though is rhythm and physicality. ¬†This is going to be something of a return to a style I was exploring back during my BA, though hopefully more refined. Inspirations from Kurt Kren, Demdike Stare and David Toop’s Sinister Resonance are in abundance.

Mundane snapshots of agricultural labour to build an occult ritual. A rural mythology from the heart of England. A spell. The water, the dirt, the seeds, the stones. The pyramid crumbles. The air burns.

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