Haunting the Fells

So this week gone, myself and Oliver Lewis embarked on a journey to the lake district, on a recon mission for the project we have been planning on and off for the best part of six months

After a six hour coach ride overnight, with very little sleep, we arrived in penrith to be greeted by the sickly yellow glow of those double arches as  the only place to take shelter from the freezing night. Shudder.

We eventually arrived at Patterdale only to find the inn we were supposed to be staying at was closed for another three hours. We promptly headed for the the local hotel and ordered tea from a begrudging receptionist, who showed us into the desolate bar area. Then the nightmare came to a peak as the full horror of an Abba compilation began perhaps the most surreal hour of the trip. We’re talking Twin Peaks here.

Thankfully the day improved considerably, leading into what was a very successful week of filming test shots for our new project.

What follows is a photographic tale of subterranean streams, sheep skulls, martian hillsides, fog bound mountains, chemical warfare goggles, and a retired lead miner

The title of this post and the photos themselves were kindly donated by (stolen from) Mr.Lewis

Some screen grabs from the footage we shot should follow shortly

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